Friday, 11 March 2016

Empties: #1 (SKIN & BODY CARE)

After seeing so many empties post and vlog I was inspired to do one as I’m a hoarder and keep on collecting junk for no apparent reason.

Below empties are of last few months combined and will do new post of empties once every 3 months in future.

Skin & body care:

1.     Votre Mangifera Hand & Foot Gel Cream Spf 15: (550Rs):
 I had received it in fab bag, dint really like it smelled weird must have used it hardly 3-4 times. It had glue like consistence and texture and was over all a disappointment
Buy it again: Never
Recommended: Most definitely not recommend

2.      Nivea lipcare fruity shine: Cherry: (129 Rs)
It was my go to lip balm in winters. Loved it to bits as it moisturized really well plus gave a very nice rosy tint to the lips. It smells really nice and was sweet to taste.
Buy it again:  surely buy it again, once all my current lip balms are finished
Recommended: A must try

3.     Nivea lip butter: Caramel Cream: (189 Rs)
 One more Nivea product, I quite like this balm for there lip balms. This was a decent product and used it mostly for night time. It smelled of caramel and was extremely moisturizing.  Good product but I don’t think ill but it again, since it came in tub packaging scooping out product was both problematic and unhygienic to say the least.
Buy it again: Probably not
Recommended: Not really

4.     Labello lip butter: Raspberry Rose: (189 Rs)
I felt it was copy of Nivea lip butter so pretty much felt same about it.
Buy it again: Probably not
Recommended: Not really

5.     Lakme Lip Love Lip Care: Cherry: (200Rs)
This is a really good lip product, but not a good lip balm. I liked the red tint that it gave to my lips. Most of days I could just use it instead of lipsticks which was good for winters as it provided decent hydration to lips
Buy it again: Probably not
Recommended: if you like tinted lips with light moisturising effect 

6.     Mark & Spencer hand and nail cream: Cocoa butter: (199 Rs)
Loved this had cream and was my savoir in winters finished it in straight 2 months. It moisturised my hands really well plus smells divine. It has a very comforting, nice mild chocolaty smell.
Buy it again: Yes
Recommended: Totally

7.     Lakme absolute skin gloss gel crème: (399 Rs)
 I was using it before winters started it is a good moisturiser for summer gets easily absorbed in skin without feeling heavy on skin and provided good hydration to skin. It’s a good light weight moisturiser with good texture But nothing great or outstanding about this product to mention per say
Buy it again: Probably not, there are other variants from other companies which I might try for summers
Recommended: Give it a try

8.     Neutrogena oil free makeup remover: (365 Rs)
One of my most favourite make up remover of all time. I must have used at least 3 bottles of this. Detailed review of it coming soon.
Buy it again: Yes. Already got the next bottle
Recommended: Totally

9.     Nyassa oudh showers: (349 Rs)
 Awesome smell very fresh like early morning after first rain. Last for around 1-2 hrs. after shower. It cleanses the skin without drying the skin. Overall, a really nice product.
Buy it again: mostly Yes, currently using different variant from Nyassa
Recommended: Totally

10. EverYuth ultra mild apricot scrub: (70 Rs)
A good mild face scrub which does what its suppose to do but nothing out of ordinary. Also some people may find it too mild for their face. Good product if you are just getting hang of scrubs else give it a miss.
Buy it again: No
Recommended: Not Really.

11.Moha soap: Ayurvedic : (Rs 68)
Usually I like soaps with “ayurvedic /herbal smell” but not this one somehow I just dint like it. Okayish product I had high hopes as I had read some good reviews of it, But alas.
Buy it again: No
Recommended: No

So these were few skin care products I managed to finish in last months. Up next is hair care and make up empties.

This was my first attempt at empties please let me know what you think about it also if there are few points that I have missed that I should have covered please let me know.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed. Thanks!!