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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Haul : Gia bath and body works.

Hello beautiful ladies, like I said before December was month of shopping for me hence lot of hauls coming up..
Anyways moving on to my Next haul, from my favourite bath brand Gia bath and body works.

About the brand:

It is owned by really sweet lady Gayarti brown. What their website says about their product

Gia Bath and Body Works is a brand committed to making Hand-crafted Luxurious treats to pamper your skin. We make exquisite Hand-crafted bathing bars and skin care products In small batches while carefully choosing our ingredients and creating attractive body treats with unique designs and textures. 
None of our products contain harmful chemicals or fillers to bulk out products, they do not contain any SLS, SLES, preservatives or hardeners. just the raw Natural & Pure ingredients. 

They are suitable for most skin types.”

My haul:

Chocolate cupcake (300 Rs.)

It’s an interesting product specially the shape. You have to cut it vertically so that you get two halves with plain surface and then use it, it also makes the soap last longer. It smells of rich dark chocolate and is really tempting to eat had to remind myself several time not to eat it. Whenever I smell it I have intense craving for chocolate.

Mocha cream bodypolish bar (250 Rs.)

You all know my love for coffee so you should have guessed that I would have bought something with coffee in it and you guys are so right, I whiff of this bar and I had to get it. It smell of freshly ground coffee beans and have crushed coffee granules in it. I loved this soap and definitely repurchasing. This one is giving serious competition to my favourite Café Noir from Naysa.

Bulgarian Lavender silk designer body bar: (300 Rs.)

As the name says it smells of lavender and trust me the smell is so fresh and relaxing and absolutely divine. My sis loved the smell so much that she wanted to cut the soap in half so that she can use it too. I’m still contemplating the offer. Any suggestions?

Angel face cleanser (200 Rs.):

This was an impulsive buy and is a good product, but nothing great about it though. It smells of almonds oat meal and slight hint of rose. It is ideal for dry to combination skin.


Jasmine absolute soap & Shea lavender body polish:

Gaytri was really generous to give these sample products to try and I'm quite impressed by the body polish. My mom claimed the soap as she loves the smell and I was happy to comply as I'm not really fan of floral smell.

Where to buy it: you can contact her through Facebook for these awesome soaps

Overall thoughts:

I absolutely love the smell of all the products and am very happy with all the products. For me Mocha cream bodypolish bar is an absolute winner and a must try product.

Rating: 5/5

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Nyassa Haul & Express Review

Let me start by telling you, I absolutely love handmade bath and body products specially if they are made completely from natural products. Hence every time I pass a Soulflower shop or Nyassa shop in the mall my friends have to hold me down till we completely cross the shops, which is really good for my purse but very sad for me… L

Any ways this time I had my way and got lot of goodies for myself from Nyassa (for more info visit their website)…. Can’t wait to share it with you guys… 

Read and enjoy…

My Haul:

Pack of 6 small soaps I can’t remember the cost sorry..

2 full size soaps café noir and manana Cubana (not in pic) (Rs 300 each). 

And Arabian oudh shower gel (Rs 350)

I got pack of 6 small soaps one is missing from the  pic as I had already used it by the time I decided to click the pics…couldn’t wait , told you I loveeee them…… the soaps are (l-r) Shea butter, Green apple, Alphonso, Southern spice, Moroccan rose, under the ocean (not in pic)

 The quantity is 25 g and they are suitable for all skin types.

Shea butter: saffron and honey
My skin loves it!!! It makes my skin so soft and supple plus it smells really good.. Definitely buying the bigger pack. I can skip my body moisturizer after I use this one..

Green apple: green apple extract, shea butter, raw cane sugar
Smells like an apple so…Not my most favorite but it’s not that bad. Works fine.

Alphonso: mango butter, mango leaf extract, raw cane sugar
Smells like mango. Every time I have bath with it I feel like eating mango ;P again love it.

Southern spice: cardamom essential oil and rose petal extract
It has very spicy kind of smell can’t really explain but I like super awesome .. and I absolutely love it…

Moroccan Rose: walnut oil and rose petal powder
I hate it..don’t get me wrong the soap is good but I just hate smell of roses.. it makes me nauseas. Hence used just once, rest was finished by mom…

Under the ocean: seaweed extract and jojoba oil
This is my favorite soap. I love oceanic smells makes me feel all fresh and nice… next on list for full size.

Café noir: coffee extract and activated charcoal:

What company claims:

Coffee at shower, wakes up your skin to a fresh day
Coffee Extract: Antioxidant, Antiaging, Sun Protection
Activated Charcoal: Antimicrobial, Exfoliator, Fights Acne & provides Blemish free Skin

Quantity: 150 g

It smells like coffee so I love it…in fact I took it just coz it smells like coffee… I’m a coffee lover so anything that has or smells like coffee is must have for it was impulsive decision but I’m really glad that I got it coz after using it I  love it…

It made my skin really nice and soft. It also reduced my sun tan considerably. Also my scars from my legs have reduced a bit. Plus the mild smell linger for long time.

I dint use it on my face so don’t really know about its claim to fights acne but over all I love it.

Arabian oudh shower gel haven’t used it yet so review coming up soon

  • 100% vegetarian and no animal testing
  • Awesome smells
  • Lathers well
  • Cleanses nicely
  • Nice range
  • All natural ingredients
  • For all skin types
  • Didn't dry out my skin in fact I skip my moisturizer after using shea butter soap
  • Doesn't lose its shape even after using for long time

  • Price maybe for some but for the quality I think it’s worth it
  • Have to keep in dry place after use as they become soft it kept wet as they don’t have filler in them.




Absolutely must try they have awesome range.

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