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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Polishes: Starry Nights (603) & Red carpet (604) Review

Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Polishes (125 Rs) available at Maybelline counters 

Recently there have been lot of nail polish  launches from various brands  with respect to color, texture and shimmer. The Color show glitter mania range is the Maybelline’s way to jump on this bandwagon. It is awesome the addition to color show line which is loved by everyone.

I generally don’t like nail polishes that have gritty finish but since these babies were gathering so much appreciation everywhere, I decided to give them a try. There are 8 shades launched in this range and I got two shades Starry Nights (603) and Red Carpet (604) with which I  fell in love with instantly. Frankly I feel these are the best shades in this range..

Shade: Starry nights is a black polish with silver glitter, but it looks more grey on nails then intense black, mostly due to the presence of silver glitter. It is beautiful shade and I absolutely love it.

Red carpet is beautiful red polish with golden shimmer in it. The shimmer is very prominent in bottle but not on nails. It looks more like sparkling red on nails then golden red


Texture: Although it has glitter in it, it applies smoothly and evenly. It dries quickly into matte finish and has a gritty sand like texture

Pigmentation:  it requires two coats for complete opaque look, in one coat it looks semi-sheer and shimmery.

Stating power: it stayed for 5 days without chipping after which it required touch ups



Easily available
Affordable (cheap!!!)
Good quantity
Nice shade range to choose from
Dries quickly
Nice shimmer (no OTT)
Stays for 5 days!!
Beautiful texture
Good for nail arts


Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: yes yes yes…must have product!!!

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Miss Claire CRAKE nail polish

Hi every one.

Who doesn't like good nail paint to adore there nails??
Today's post is about one such nail paint that is in trend. Crake nail paint By Miss Claire . For those of you who don't know about this brand, here is a little information about the brand. "It is a Korean brand, not widely available, but it is very affordable."

Product Price:  225 RS

Quantity:  15 ml

Color: CR06


I personally like its packaging. It nice and sturdy (I know for sure cause I dropped it…twice L). It Travel friendly and has very sophisticated look to it , kinda like O.P.I.


It gives very vibrant pink color that looks very pretty and funky at the same time.

My take:

Personally I was not very inclined for these type of nail paints for long time. But when i saw this in my local beauty store, I decided to try it as he gave me some discount on it. Coming to the nail paint it self, It dries very quickly to form cracks so you have to apply it very fast to make sure that you get uniform polish all over nails as going for second coat is not an option with these nail paints.

The shade I purchased is very vibrant pink so the options for base is either black or white. I tried it without any base but it did not very great. It dries to give very matte finish so if you are like me and prefer glossy looking nails then top coat is essential. Also applying top coat ensures that the nail art stays in place for longer duration.

Another tip for maintaining nail art for longer time is when ever the looks becomes bit dull usually after 3-4 days, just top it for with clear/transparent nail paint and your nail paint will look good as new.

On me it lasted for good 4-5 days without chipping without second coat of transparent polish after 2 days, with it, it lasted for 5-6 days. I feel its pricey as compare to normal nail paint, but still cheaper compare to O.P.I Nail polishes.

Overall I think it is a descent nail paint but nothing great about it. Definitely Not a must buy.

Pro and cons:

  • Nice shade
  • Dries quickly
  • Well defined cracks
  • Stays for 4-5 days with out chipping
  • Sturdy packaging

  • Some people may find it bit costly
  • Availability
  • Limited shades
  • Matte finish (for people who like glossy look)
  • Pricey

Overall rating:


 This look:

  • Start with Two coats of black nail paint as base coat
  • Then apply Miss Claire nail paint 
  • Topped it with transparent Nail paint as I like glossy look 


Wait till base nail paint is completely dried before applying carke nail paint, else it will mix with your base color (like you can see in pic) 

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