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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Just herbs Kumuda – Indian White Waterlily Silicone Free Conditioner : Review

I have recently started using a lot of products from Just herbs as it claims to be 100% organic paraben free. I have recently reviewed Just Herbs 8 in 1 Root Nourishing Amla Neem Shampoo (Review here) which I usually follow up with this conditioner.

One thing about just herbs product is that they smell absolutely wonderful and one can just keep on smell it, and this product did not disappoint me in that department.
What the company claims.

"Just Herbs’ gentle hair conditioners are free from silicones and smoothen and nourish dull and damaged hair without causing ‘build-up’ in your strands. Vibhitaka, Indian Gooseberry (Amla), Bhringraj and hibiscus are known in Ayurveda for promoting hair health and stimulating growth while Fenugreek (Methi) helps fight hair thinning and hair-fall. The fragrant Kumuda or Indian white waterlilly adds elasticity, volume and body to brittle hair.
Free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG, Genetically modified ingredients (GMO) and other synthetic ingredients"

jojoba oil, Hibiscus ext.*, Indian water lily ext., Eclipta alba ext., Amla ext.*(Emblica officinalis), Vibhitakah (Balleric myrobalan) ext.,Fenugreek seed ext.*, Grapeseed oil,Glyceryl stearate citrate/ cetearyl alcohol /glyceryl caprylate***, Octyldo- decanol***, Veg.etable glycerine*, Soy lecithin, Dicaprylyl carbonate***,Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Natural preservative blend of herbs and essential oils,Citric acid (ph adjuster)

Price: 595 for 200 Ml

Shelf life: 3 years (6 months after opening.)


It comes in a simple transparent plastic bottle with pump for dispensing the product. I like the packaging of this product a lot especially due to the pump as it regulates the amount of product dispensed. As the product is white in color and the label is white and gold the overall packing looks very classy & chic


Conditioner is white in color with creamy texture, and again it smells divine. I absolutely cannot explain how good the smell is. It really is to die for plus it stay on for entire day after using it. I love smelling my hair after I have washed my hair with Kumuda conditioner.

My experience:

As far as conditioner goes, I like this one. It works well, provides good nourishment and makes my hair fell nice and soft. It reduced the frizz to some extent but still I had to apply hair serum to keep it from tangling and becoming frizzy. It dint add any extra shine or bounce to my hair just the normal. One of the only things that I loved about this product is its irresistible smell which stays for up to 2 days after the wash.

  1. Makes hair soft and smooth
  2. Convenient packing
  3. Awesome smell.
  4. 100% organic.
  5. Free from parabens
  1. Didn’t add any shine or bounce to hair.
  2. Needs to be followed up with hair serum
  3. Bit expensive.
Ratings: 3/5

Overall: I love the smell and packaging of this product but the product itself is nothing special plus a bit on expensive side. I had lot of hopes from it as its 100% organic but it failed to fulfill my expectations.

Recommendation: Not really recommended.
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