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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Makeup Revolution Protection Pallet : Review

Hello everyone..

Today I’m going to review Makeup Revolution Protection Pallet. I absolutely love products from Makeup Revolution as they have really good quality products at extremely affordable prices.

I personally feel that makeup is all about getting your basics right!  And often that is where most of us tend to go wrong.. 

Thanks to Makeup Revolution for coming to our rescue by providing us with pallet that has all base related products in place. They have come up with a beautiful pallet called Makeup Revolution Protection Pallet that have combination of 3 different toned concealers, pressed powder, blush, highlighter and bronzer, so you really do have everything you need to perfect your base. Along with that pallet it has really good quality large mirror. Yay!!

I’m already impressed with the product just because it has all essential products in 1 pallet.

The Makeup Revolution Protection Pallet are available in four different color variants depending on skin tone, so there’s Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Dark and Dark. 
I have this pallet in Medium shade

Price: 1350 INR but I got it for 30% discount from Jabong. You can also get even get it on


It comes in standard makeup revolution packing which is classy black and rose gold. What I like the most about the packing is that it is classy simple and to the point with all the necessary information. It is nice sturdy pallet and completely travel friendly so that you can carry it around for touchups. 

It has 3 concealers of 3.5 gms each, 7.2 gms of Face powder and 4 Gms each of blusher, highlighter and bronzer. I feel it is sufficient quantity and it totally justifies the price of product.



I had really wonderful experience with this pallet and I’m totally in love with it. Let’s check each item individually to know why I’m head over heels in love with it.


Like I said before, there are 3 concealers on the left side of pallet in light, medium and dark shade. Concealers are nice thick, smooth and super creamy in texture. They are extremely easy to blend and to work with. I feel like they have cream to powder type formula so they don’t look cakey when applied to eye area or blemishes. 

It doesn't provide full coverage but are still good for everyday use. Light one is too light for me so mostly I use it for subtle highlighting. As there are 3 concealers one can mix and match them to suit their skin tone perfectly.

Once they are set with powder they are good for at least 5 -6 hours without touch ups. Even with its creamy texture it doesn't slide or causes oily looking skin. Despite their creaminess they are very light weight and look absolutely natural once blended and set with powder.

Compressed Face Powder:

Next up is compressed face powder. It has soft silky smooth texture and the shade suits my skin perfectly. I normally just use it for my under eye and T zone. I love its light weight formula and translucent dewy finish it imparts to my face.

Bronzer Blush and Highlighter:

Bronzer, blush and Highlighter are perfect for contouring. They are extremely pigmented and can be easily compared with high end brands.

Just one swipe of highlighter is sufficient to impart natural glow to the face without looking over the top. It is so insanely pigmented that if not used wisely one can really end up looking like a disco ball.

Contouring powder is matte powder with no orange or red undertones that makes it perfect for contouring. It is my most favourite item from the pallet.

Blush is in nice dusty rose pink which gives beautiful natural flush to the skin. Again blush is insanely pigmented and need to be used sparingly. It is perfect for daily use.

All the three together makes a perfect combo for Indian skin tone. Just like powder they are really smooth and have silky texture. They bend beautifully to give very natural and flawless effect. Plus they have amazing staying power..

I just can’t tell you give how much I love this pallet and I cannot recommend it enough.

  1.   Great all in one pallet that caters to all basic makeup needs.
  2. Affordable
  3. Extremely good quality and quantity of products provided
  4.  Highly pigmented
  5.  Non comedogenic products 
  6. Travel friendly
  7. Good variants for all skin tones. 
  8. Variety of concealers to mix and get exact colour 
  9. Sturdy packing 


 Overall thoughts:

I totally love Makeup Revolution Protection Pallet and it has always come in handy in all the situations. I only have this one makeup product in my bag as it does all the jobs if I ever wanted to touch up my makeup. 

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: I highly recommend it and I personally feel that it’s a must have product.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1

Price: 1200 Rs (got at 50 % discount during GOSF)  Where to find:

As a person I keep on having lot of phase in my life and same is true about my makeup obsessions. So right now I’m obsessed with eye makeup and you all can expect a lot of eye product reviews. 

So coming to today’s product……

Girls ladies and beauty queens….I present to you newest runner for Urban Decay Naked pallet Dupe…..The….Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1. There are total 3 pallets one for each of naked pallet, but I got only the first one to try it out

They are quite popular in blogging community and considered to be naked pallets dupe…now I don’t own any naked pallets but from comparison of online swatches I would say that they are pretty close match if not exact.

Also these are super affordable and now available in India….

Coming to the review part..


It has a very basic plain packaging.. It has a very sturdy lid and double ended sponge applicator which is of ok ok quality won’t really use it for eye shadow application but maybe for inner eye application.. In this you get 12 eye shadows of 14 gms each.



It has mixture of shimmer satin and matte shades. Eyeshadows are placed in narrow strips just like in Naked Pallets. As they don’t have any names we will use numbers for reviewing it…


Shade 3 and 5 are matte and pretty much same color as my skin so the swatches are not visible but they are perfect for blending and softening the eyeshadows.

Shade 1 is perfect for highlighting the brow area and also the inner corner of eyes.

Rests of the shades are either shimmery or satin in shades of neutral and are perfect for every day makeup. 

Shade 12 and 11 are actually shades grey but looks more blueish in pan and some swatches, but it's actually beautiful shades of gunmetal and perfect for smoky look.

all the shades are beautifully pigmented and very easy to blend. Using the primer underneath brings out better color and helps color to last much longer without creasing for almost 6-7 hours.

Swatches: (without primer)


I find this pallet to be really versatile as you can use it for both night and day time look. All eyeshadows are really smooth feel very soft and buttery. They have very little fall out and stayed for 4-5 hours on me in Mumbai heat and humidity. Their stay time can be significantly increased by using primer or eye base underneath. I tried them with primer and stayed on me the entire day without fading, which is quite amazing especially for the price.

I feel this pallet is a gorgeous product specially if you are new to eyeshadows and are still experimenting and finding your way around them.  


Recommendation: I absolutely recommend them to everyone.

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