Sunday, 13 December 2015

The city of dreams, My home , My city and much more .. Mumbai!!

Here is the thing about our lives till we don’t lose it we don’t understand how important it is to us. I recently visited Goa for a week for some work. I know, for most of us Goa is equivalent to party but that’s not the case when you have to go there for work. And after staying there was just 1 week I started missing my city: Mumbai, the dream city, city that never sleeps… That is when I realized how much I love this city and how ingrained it is in my life and I’m sure in everyone lives who live here.

There is something surreal about this city that resonates with each and every one who either lives here or even visits it. It’s like a continuously flowing river which encompasses everyone who comes in this city of light.

This is my entry for the Zonal War conducted by Tata Motors ( and IndiBlogger, I'm writing about the city im in love with: Mumbai; on 3 broad basis that give the city its heartbeat; Drive, Design, and Connect. 


The most important fraction of the city that never sleeps is its mode of transportation or in this case drive. Drive can in terms of roads or also what drives this city and the answer of both is its never tiring people. The main attraction of this city marine drive or nariman point would be just a lonely place without the people spelling live in its nooks and corners.

Mumbai is contradictions and antithesis personified. Here you would find that the richest of the rich share the wall with poor. You would find both slums and skyscrapers side by side coexisting in their own little bubble. You can find beautiful architectural finesse in south Mumbai or popularly known as SoBo towards CST and crampiest slum in Dharavi, still once can find same happiness in the people dwelling in these parts.


For anything to grow it needs to have strong network and connections, and Mumbai being the financial capital of India is very well connected in all aspects, from telecom to roadways to railways. Also the people are really well connected. In this city you can feel connected and detached from your fellow beings at the same time. Like I said this city is antithesis personified in every aspect. Mumbai is made by its mumbaikars and their spirit which brings people close during the festivals and also during crises which has been demonstrated through the natural and manmade calamities in past. It is possible for people to feel utterly lost in the city but also meet some distant friend out of blue.

This is Mumbai the city of dreams my city my home and like as everyone feels after returning home I was at ease in its hustle and bustle in no time.