Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The violet box : October 2016 Unboxing


Today I’m going to unbox extremely special box, which is useful during our periods. Everybody knows periods are some of the worst time during month and everybody needs some TNC (tender loving care) and some luxury during this time.

In general I love subscription boxes and presently Indian market is bombarded with it to the extremes.

This box intrigued me because the products were genuinely curated to provide some luxury TNC during those days plus for every box purchased Violet box donate sanitary supplies to the needy via NGOs like Swadhar & WRH. The boxes used for The Violet Box are made by physically challenged individuals to help them earn for living.
So when you purchase these boxes you not only take care of yourself but also do some good for the society.

 The Violet Box is a start up by McKinsey, INSEAD and Ernst & Young alumni and one of the very few startups with a female CEO. The box has samples of luxury and vegan cosmetics, gourmet chocolates, fine teas, coffee & period essentials.

About The Violet Box: (From website)
Each lady spends over 1500 days of her life time having periods. We are here to make them special. As period is a time of lot of mood swings a little pampering and love is just what you need. Violet does this by adding exquisite treats to your period essentials. For every subscription you make, Violet donates the same amount of period essentials to those in need.
Dreamers from McKinsey and Ernst & Young came up with Violet. We absolutely love what we are doing. We are sure you will love it too. So go on… Pamper yourself and we will donate on your behalf. Celebrate being a lady!
The violet box is thoughtfully designed to pamper you with Luxury vegan beauty products, Exquisite teas & coffees, Gourmet chocolates and sanitary essentials.
The boxes are available in two options – The Violet Box & The period box.

The Violet Box: This box does NOT include period essentials

Subscription details: 

Rs 2099 for 3 months ( per box Rs 699 )
Rs 3899 for a 6 months ( per box Rs 649 )
Rs 749 for a 1 month trial ( Diwali special price )

The Period Box: This is the box that I opted for. Below are the contents
Subscription details: 
Rs 2399 for 3 months (per box Rs 799 
Rs 4499 for a 6 months ( per box Rs 749 )
Rs 849 for a 1 month trial ( Diwali special price )
This Diwali special box curated by YouTube celebrity Shruti Arjun Anand 

It Contains below products:

Period Essentials 
4 x Carefree Liners
12 x Whisper / Stayfree / OB Tampons

Exotic beauty products 
Ma Earth Rose Shower Gel
Kama Ayurveda Lavanya Plant Mask
Kama Ayurveda Mint Bath Salt
Kama Ayurveda Foot Cream

Scented Candles
Ocean Blue Scented Candles

Artisan Chocolates
100gm Didier & Frank 57% Dark Chocolate with Mocha

Pure Aroma
Glowing Ember Egyptian Incense 

Arabica Bean Filter Coffee
Teddy Roosevelt Coffee ( 2 serving box )

Exquisite Tea
1773 AD Boston Tea : Black Tea ( 4 serving wooden box )


I really like box and all the products in it. I feel it’s an awesome concept to help the society as per the Times of India and BBC, 80% of women in India cannot afford basic period essentials. 

So Girls, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, Subscribe and get new indulgences each month for a guilt free pampering!! I am sure you will love this box.


  1. Nice post๐Ÿ˜Š. Seems like a lot of pampering for those days ๐Ÿ˜

  2. Box with a cause! Loved the products you've got in one box :) Much-needed pampering for those days ;)

  3. loved the box contents...perfect pampering goodies..

  4. I haven't tried this box, but the products look appealing....thanks for the review...


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