Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Elf Haul & Express Review

Hi guys,

As far as brands go I love ELF products, but they are quite mostly in India hence whenever my friend is coming back to India from US I make sure he gets few ELF products for me.

During his this visit I got below products from Target. It’s great when you have people to mule your stuff and you don’t have to pay shipping and customs on it, hence I got it super cheap.

Products I got:

1.      ELF Mineral infused face primer (6$)

2.      ELF tone adjusting face primer (6$)

3.      ELF makeup mist and set spray (3$)

4.      ELF Setting powder in sheer (6$)

5.      ELF baked highlighter in moonlight Pearls (4$)


My thoughts
All the products come in standard black thick paper outer packing, with one side transparent to see the products inside.

ELF face Primers:
It comes in frosted plastic bottles which has pump to dispel the product. Colour is coordinated with the colour of the product.
ELF Mineral infused face primer is transparent primer which provides skin with added benefits of minerals.

ELF tone adjusting face primer is purple colour primer which does help to even out the face to some extent.

Both the primers feel silky wet on skin. It’s not silicone base primer as per me, and gets easily absorbed in skin. They make skin smooth and creates great base for the makeup to glide on.
Only a pea sized product is required for entire face. It works well and has increase the stay time of my makeup by 4 to 5 hours. It is lightweight and non-greasy, which is great for even oily-combination skin.
Only thing I would have changes would be in packaging, to make it feasible for me to know how much product is visible.  I’m quite happy with all other things about them, but to be quite honest they are not the best products in market, and not a must buy.
ELF Setting powder (Sheer)
This comes in small tub with netted cap so we can get the required amount from it. It also comes with excellent quality puff. Tub is quite sturdy and very travel friendly.

The powder is white in color and extremely finely milled. It feels super smooth and works very well for baking as well of setting the face. Biggest pro is it photographs really well and doesn’t give any white cast in pics.
It has good stay time and touch ups are not require for min 3-4 hrs. this is my go to powder for all purposes and I’ll definitely recommend buying this one.

ELF makeup mist and set spray

It is housed in black plastic bottle with spray pump. I wish it was bit sheer so that I could see the amount of product let in bottle. Also, nozzle is nothing to write home about and I’m not super impressed with it.

It was quite a task for me to use this one as the nozzle is real pain to use but the product works, So I’m happy. It has increased the stay time by 4 hrs without primer underneath and my makeup doesn’t melt even in the heat & humidity of Mumbai. Once sprayed it gets absorbed under a minute and doesn’t have any offensive smell as such. The biggest pro is that this is alcohol free setting spray.

I’ll recommend this one if you can get it easily.
ELF baked highlighter in moonlight Pearls

This beauty comes in small blush case and is dome in shaped. It has transparent cover which feels very flimsy. Overall the packaging could have been better.  

The product looks very hard to touch but is quite pigmented and gives blindly glow if gone overboard with it. It had fine shimmer and looks very beautiful when blended. It gives almost natural radiance if used sparingly and blended well.
It is golden in color hence looks really well on girls with yellow undertones. It doesn’t fell chunky and it doesn’t exaggerate the texture of the face and blending seamlessly. It quite forgiving to the flaws and bumps on face. Very little product is required for each use hence the product will last quite long.
It has stay time of 5 hrs. overall, I really like this highlighter but I prefer my makeup revolution highlighter to this one. Buy it if you get it cheap and if you want to try baked highlighter to normal powdered one. But not really a must buy.